September 2014

Pierre Foucher, professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa, writes in Le Droit, that official bilingualism for the capital of Canada is More than just a symbol

Gilles LeVasseur thinks that the government of Canada has a role to play in the debate about the official bilingualism of the capital of Canada: Ottawa, the Federal Government and Bilingualism

The Globe & Mail accuses the Minister of Foreign Affairs of being disingenuous and lacking in respect for francophone Canadians: John Baird and a lack of respect

The Official Languages Commissioner of Canada responds to Kelly Egan’s article in the Ottawa Citizen on August 29th, 2014: Graham Fraser: Public servants are proud of bilingualism

Pierre Bergeron, in Le Droit, writes about the fifth Franco-Ontarian Day and the citizens who keep on fighting for their rights: A never-ending work in progress